Discount Goods, yay or nay?


So, I know I have been reminding myself not to buy online again and again. But well, sometimes I browsing around the net and found something cute though not useful. Or something not so cute but the very thing that I need though not urgent. Anyway, in the end I think buying things will find its own way to me. Kidding.

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Bring Your Scarf


Last Saturday, my friend called me to hang out with her at the mall (as usual, where else can we go?)

It has been raining for few days, so I prefer a simple outfit. Just a skinny jeans with my new Supima T-shirt (remember, the one that I bought in a hurry?) . I decided to bring along my red jacket and also my batik scarf.

The hang out place located at 56th floor BCA Tower and I was a bit taken aback. We didn’t plan to hang out at Skye in the first place. It was sort out popped out from my friend, she loves do things spontaneously. I was like, did I wear suitable outfit? I heard Skye is a fancy restaurant and lounge so I kinda worry with my outfit. I could wear the batik scarf so my outfit doesn’t look too simple. But I wore sport shoes and these kinda shoes sort of forbidden in this kind of restaurant . You know, the smart casual rule for us when we are about to dine in in a fancy restaurant.

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Mommy Jeans


About a few weeks ago on the celebration of #ChineseNewYear and accident happened. I won’t go into any details but it was like a bottle of sauces just being thrown at you. In short, your dress gets dirty all over the place including my underwear. Buying another clothes seems the only way out at that moment.

Unfortunately, at that time I took my mom to fancy place to have our lunch together. I can afford the meal, but to buy clothes at any outlets at Plaza Indonesia is far and far and far above my pay grade. So, I use my scarf to hide all the mess on my dress (is a white colorful dress by the way) I went to another mall : Grand Indonesia just across the street. I can only think about one store that big chances is affordable and that is UNIQLO.

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Lunar New Year


GONG XI FA CAI to all friends and readers 🙂 So, to you all singleton out there, did you get many red envelopes? 🙂 Just remember not to spend them all on shopping. Kidding. I just spend mine on shopping but I will get to that later on the next post.


Anyway, I joined this blog competition about Chinese New Year Festival in Indonesia. And since I have never participated nor have I ever been in any Chinese New Year celebration, I decided to write it from my own point of view. Related that the celebration almost similar with me celebrating Christmas and new year. About family gathering and and say thank you for the days that we have been through. Hopefully, the coming new year will be prosperous to all of us.

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Since I just got back from my recent trip to my mother hometown in Medan – North Sumatra I want to share a bit about their traditional cloth: ULOS. And since I have been browsing the internet for any information about it, I just found out that there ULOS NATIONAL DAY since October 17th year 2014! Where the heck have I been?

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Souvenir From Traveling


Okay, due to limited of time traveling in Medan North Sumatra, my mom and I just remembered that we didn’t buy anything other than food and cookies for souvenir. But souvenir like bracelet, t-shirt were not on our mind at all.

You see, Indonesian have this bad habit of asking some kind of souvenir. Range from food, snack, keychains (commonly we bought this one because is cheap, and a lot cheaper if you buy them in many quantity then you got even cheaper prize). Then perfume, branded item (usually by promise I will pay you later), accessories and so on.

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Traveling Disaster



At Tip Top Restaurant – Medan North Sumatra

Hi all!

How’s your Christmas and New Year celebration? Merry Christmas and happy New year by the way.

Like I have informed you before that my mom and I went to Medan (capital city of North Sumatra in Indonesia) started from 24th of December up to 03rd of January. And since I went with my mom, most of the time things were not like I wish to.

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Welcoming New Year 2017



Within hours we will be leaving 2016 and welcoming 2017.

Every time the new year is coming, I pray and hope for something good to happen. Something good did happen but this year also my saddest time of my life because I lost my father.

There will be more new years to come without him and I have no idea how much time I can be with my mother. I hope I still have enough time to make her happier.

Again, near the end of this year I pray and hope for the best. Not just for me, but for all of us. As there are so many hatred and violence again and again. Hopefully, there will be better life for all of us.

Goodbye father, goodbye 2016..