NORDIC NOIR Karppi start date and trailer unveiled

One of my fave Nordic Noir series ^_^

The Killing Times

One of our favourite Nordic Noirs, from Finland no less is Karppi (or Deadwind in English). It’s due to begin its third and final series this month, and now we have a trailer.

In series three, Sofia Karppi (Pihla Viitala) and Sakari Nurmi (Lauri Tilkanen) once again work together in chasing a brutal murderer, whose victims are adorned with strange symbols. The case forces them both to face parts of their pasts they can no longer escape.

Here’s the trailer with English subtitles.

It starts on Friday 29th October in Finland and can be seen on Netflix in 2022.

Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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Flat Shoes Episode

At Bangka
What can I say, once in a lifetime, I do wear high heels… But it has been a few years I prefer flat shoes. Well, actually I always prefer sneakers ever since in high school. The very last time I wore high heels when attend my cousin’s wedding. I have to stand for more than 3 hours with that shoes! Oh yeah I look awesome… but the pain was excruciating… I could hit someone at that time due to the pain I have to bear…

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Kushoeka @mis_zapatos_

mis zapatos
Backpack Mis Zapatos

Fall in love at the first sight. That’s probably what I felt seeing Mis Zapatos bag for the first time. I saw a friend of mine wearing this cute bag, she posted on her Instagram account. After asking her, I found out that she bought the bag somewhere in Japan. She also informed that I can find those bags in Singapore and Malaysia. But, I hardly travel so that information brings me down…a bit. Yup, I’m such a drama queen right? I finally get my hands on their products when a friend of mine kind enough to get one for me during her trip to Japan. And, I also contacted Mis Zapatos through their Instagram account and wow, they responded to my question. Informing me, they have authorized reseller here in Jakarta. That’s great!

mis zapatos kushoeka
Mis Zapatos backpack and pouch

I got their social media account: Kushoeka and started to browse the products. Lucky me, they were having sale for a cute pouch. I seized the opportunity and bought one. So, now I have my authentic backpack and pouch as well. Enough for me, but I am a bit curious about how Kushoeka managed to be Mis Zapatos authorized resellers. I contacted them again, and finally here is our chit chat about it:


@riamrt: So, how did this all start?
@Kushoeka : It started around 4 years ago, when the whole family were on holiday in Japan. During our trip, our attention fall on this bag with cute and unique design. At that time, people in Japan hardly know about Mis Zapatos not to mention foreigners like us. Since we fell in love with their chic and unusual design, we tried to find and contact their principal plus offer them a serious collaboration. Alhamdulillah they respond with our idea very well.

@riamrt: What’s their selling point other than unusual design?
@kushoeka: From our opinion, is how they choose strong material to support their unusual design. Though the fabric that they choose seems give a casual impression but their bag is suitable both for formal or casual. This bag has material strong enough to endure daily activities like going to the office or school. And yet, wearing this bag gives you the sense of being chic and fashionable.
We have the opportunity talking with the designer of Mis Zapatos bags. Their basic idea is they want us feeling comfortable while using the bag. The same comfort we get when wearing gorgeous shoes. That’s the feeling behind the design of Mis Zapatos’s products. In Spanish, Mis Zapatol means my shoes.

@riamrt: Other than bag and pouch, what other products from Mis Zapatos?
@kushoeka : Mis Zapatos focus their products on bags with various sizes, pouch, wallet, casing for handphone. While their principal only focus on bags, there are several brands of them.

@riamrt: Share with us why you consider becoming their reseller?
@kushoeka: When we first bought Mis Zapatos, we get many queries from family and friends. They are curious with the unusual design, made the bag looks unique and cute, more feminim. We know the bag isn’t available here in Indonesia so we propose to their principal to become authorized reseller to make it more popular here.

@riamrt: Ah, we wish to know your tips to gain their trust
@kushoeka: Alhamdulillah the process didn’t take long. After through constructive and intense communication with them, they finally give us the authority to be their reseller. Tips from us, we need to open up in showing our good intention and commitment to build a serious relationship. As every partnership based on trust and full commitment from both parties.

Mis Zapatos and Kushoeka

@riamrt: last question, tell us about ups and down being Mis Zapatos authorized reseller?
@kushoeka: Alhamdulillah, we are happy when we gain trust from our customer plus building relationship more than seller to customer but more like between friends. We met many nice people like yourself (ehm) along the way being authorized reseller. Our hope being authorized reseller of Mis Zapato that our customers satisfy and love our service and products, plus to maintain their trust as well.
The down sides we noticed many knock off items, sold with cheaper prize. Naturally, many customers disappointed as obviously the knock off items lack of quality and design. This is also becoming our homework to give more information about Mis Zapatos here to Indonesian customers. This problem also occurs in Japan, so not just here in Indonesia, where there are store selling knock off items. They look so similar, making it harder for new customer to notice the difference. That’s why we wish to remind our friends and future customers to be more careful about the authenticity of Mis Zapatos before purchase them.

Note: I posted this interview also at my other blog. This is not a sponsored post. I receive no payment or whatsoever.

Mixing Cropped Jacket


Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Beda has several new outfits that attract my attention, and one of them is this new cropped jacket. There are several version of them, I even try them on just to get the feel of it. Most of them are cute, but seriously having the same outfits with just different pattern? I am a spender with no big budget so I have to make a choice and I prefer the one with batik pattern.

Naturally, I do have my worries wearing cropped jacket as I have big belly. Usually I wore jacket to cover it, but with cropped jacket I can’t do that. But then again, you wouldn’t know which style that suitable without trying. So here goes

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Interviewed by LookVine

Cropped Jacket by BEDA

I’m surprised to receive email from LookVine, an awesome fashion blog cover fashion style from around the world. I’m totally happy and naturally give them the following answers for their queries. I realized that yeah, I am more into casual wear kind of person. These question even allow me to see deeper about my fashion sense.

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Adorable @mis_zapatos

OOTD Ria Tumimomor

When I saw a photo shared by my acquaintance on her Instagram, my eyes locked on her bag. It’s so cute, and I have not seen that kind of bag here in Jakarta. I check out online, like who knows probably this bag; Mis Zapatos is actually Indonesian brand. Not after I check out their Instagram then I know Mis Zapatos IS NOT Indonesian brand. And no, that bag is not available here in Indonesia. Only in Japan, and later I found out in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Size Plus Wearing White


I have another foodie gathering invitation at the end of May and just I realized. I hardly ever wear something in white. And I just noticed this because the invitation stated white for the dress code.

I am thinking hard, why on earth I rarely purchase anything white for most of my outfits. I bought one from ZARA ages ago, probably almost 10 years now.

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movie ticket

Avengers: Infinity War! I find it hard to go anywhere without running into people who has seen the movie and talk about it. Don’t even mention the social media because everybody loves to show to the world that they have seen the movie. I planned to see the movie on Sunday with my mom at the nearest theater. What? With my mom? Does she even like superhero kind of movies? Aside from Wonder Woman, nope she doesn’t like all superhero movies. But she just enjoyed watching movies at theater and she has been doing that ever since my late dad still around. I decided to take her to the movie on Sunday.

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Handmade wooden craft by Uma Kayu

Uma Kayu items

I haven’t been written anything on my blog for several reasons.  I think I kinda remember that I would write about ethnic accessories. But yikes, it has been months and I forgot to take picture of my own collection. I will try to take photos of them later to chit chat about them. Now, let’s talk about another Indonesian handmade product that I loves. It called Uma Kayu (check out their Instagram account).

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