Dress Up To The Art Museum

Emmy Thee top

What is such a fuss about going to the museum? Well, this is an art museum and will be my first time to go there. So, yeah I kinda panic on what should I wear and so on. But the thing is, I should just relax and wear anything that gives me comfort.

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Flat Shoes Addict Part 2

At Bangka
What can I say, once in a lifetime, I do wear high heels… But it has been a few years I prefer flat shoes. Well, actually I always prefer sneakers ever since in high school. The very last time I wore high heels when attend my cousin’s wedding. I have to stand for more than 3 hours with that shoes! Oh yeah I look awesome… but the pain was excruciating… I could hit someone at that time due to the pain I have to bear…

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Rainy Season


Indonesia has only two seasons, rainy and dry season. Usually near the celebration of Chinese New Year, rain pouring down even harder. In the old days, people believe that this is the good sign, that heavy rain means the new year will bring you prosperity. Well, don’t forget that this belief related to the farming culture. Rain naturally is important and therefore considered as a sign of luck for the coming year.

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Dress Up For NYC and Val Day

China Town Jakarta

This year Chinese New Year celebration is close with Valentine day. I’m pretty sure some of you are rushing to buy new clothes right now. And since I’m not celebrating these two big occasions so old dress should be sufficient enough. Naturally, if I am a Chinese descendant, old dress is totally forbidden. New dress on the new year considered to bring you good luck and drive away evil spirit. Not making any sense? Well, we all should learn about old culture before waving that as a nonsense. In the old days, most Chinese are farmer which only enjoy the harvest once or 2-3 times a year. All the year, they saves for the best and that is when they are celebrating new year. Not like nowadays where we are happy to purchase things and suffer later for paying the installment (this is me telling a true story *SMILE*).

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Knock Off Items – Yay Or Nay?

Knock off bomber jacket without any brand attached on it

I admit, once in a while ages ago I used to buy knock off items. I bought it simply because I like the model, not realizing there is THE ORIGINAL ITEM. Then, I started to learn more about branded items and how oh my gosh there are many of them sold a lot cheaper. That because those cheaper items are not the original. But, you know… Often we think who cares? We loves the model, we want to keep up with the trend, we want to be acknowledged and we simply get bored with our old fashion items.

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YUNA Is Your Personal Fashion Matchmaker

Okay, admit it… Do you feel this panic attack or say get irritate about outfit. Gosh, what should I wear today now I that I have gained weight? I am no longer able to wear that jeans with this top and darn, which of my shoes fit with this one? And will this bag match with my outfit and shoes? And without realizing we have spent longer time than usual and still unsure about our appearance. Aish, such a nagging lady. Who is going to notice anyway? Who cares? I care! I want to look good for my own happiness. Then what should I do?
Yuna Introducing Body Type
Source from Yuna and Co
In my younger days I was more into sporty kinda gal (though obviously I don’t do any sport) because easy for me. I just have to collect more black jumper and dark jacket and sport shoes. Now, I still like to be simple but prefer casual style. Though I wonder daily, whether this outfit suit me just fine since I am now 45.

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Outfit for Weight Gainner

Me on Christmas Eve at Starbuck Metropole 2017
Having too much fun during Christmas holiday

Yeah, what can I say… I gain weight… big time near the end of year 2017. Probably because I received more invitation and free vouchers so obviously I was enjoying my life as blogger. A bit too much I am afraid and now I can’t wear most of my clothes. They are too tight and others are no longer fit. Terrifying! But anyway, life goes on. There is no point dwell in the past as it has happened. So, aside that I have to discipline myself on a strict diet then I have to take notes on my outfit.

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What To Ask When Online Shopping

Venya Etnik

When you browsing online shops to find something that you like and then…yes…! Your eyes find the outfit that you like and then what are you going to ask?
Is this dress will fit me perfectly? What is the size of this dress?
How much is this outfit? Is there any discount?
And then the most important thing is it available?

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Christmas eve at Starbucks Megaria
Hanging out on Christmas Eve

And finally we are about to leave year 2017 behind and welcoming 2018. Naturally, as always I have my regrets and satisfaction.

My regrets and also satisfaction that this is the year that I finally able to do something more with my hobby and that is blogging. I am still considering to put more activity on social media. It seems quicker to get more response rather than blogging. But then, I loves pouring my heart out on writing and also whatever cross my mind. So, big chances I still blogging for more years to come.

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Merry Christmas 2017


Time goes by so fast now we are now about to celebrate Christmas. This will be my second year celebrating Christmas without my dad. So, just me and my mom.

During our younger days, my mom would insist that all of us wearing new outfit for the occasion. Usually in the middle of the year, she would be hunting various fabrics and then bring them all to her tailor. We would be picking what kind of dress and so on. But now, I prefer to just buy the outfit. Unfortunately because my mom has plus size, she is having difficulty buying new outfit. Those outfits end up with me or with her sister since she’s not really into it.

Merry Christmas

So, do you also have this kind of tradition? Wearing new outfit for the celebration? Probably that is one of the reasons we get excited seeing discount sign all over the department store or now on online shop. But often we forgot the real meaning of celebrating Christmas. Well, this is actually my lame line to refuse buying new dress because obviously they are expensive.

My Christmas outfit usually simple dress because I don’t want to be bothered with thinking, oh no what is the perfect match for this top? Should I wear skirt or just black legging? This is also the problem when I took a staycation on Christmas eve. I wish to bring just 1 top with 1 ethnic pants, suitable to go to the churcg as well. But you know what? I end up bring 2 tops, 2 ethnic pants, 1 t-shirt, 1 short not include my mom outfit. I bring outfits as if I am going to stay 2 nights.

My suggestion? Don’t be like me *smile*. I always find it hard to make a decision which outfit I should be wearing. I always need to bring more than 1 outfit so at least I have a choice. If you plan to travel light, then this is a big no.

Anyway, I hope you have a very happy Christmas celebration.