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Mixing Cropped Jacket


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Beda has several new outfits that attract my attention, and one of them is this new cropped jacket. There are several version of them, I even try them on just to get the feel of it. Most of them are cute, but seriously having the same outfits with just different pattern? I am a spender with no big budget so I have to make a choice and I prefer the one with batik pattern.

Naturally, I do have my worries wearing cropped jacket as I have big belly. Usually I wore jacket to cover it, but with cropped jacket I can’t do that. But then again, you wouldn’t know which style that suitable without trying. So here goes

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Interviewed by LookVine

Cropped Jacket by BEDA

I’m surprised to receive email from LookVine, an awesome fashion blog cover fashion style from around the world. I’m totally happy and naturally give them the following answers for their queries. I realized that yeah, I am more into casual wear kind of person. These question even allow me to see deeper about my fashion sense.

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Adorable @mis_zapatos

OOTD Ria Tumimomor

When I saw a photo shared by my acquaintance on her Instagram, my eyes locked on her bag. It’s so cute, and I have not seen that kind of bag here in Jakarta. I check out online, like who knows probably this bag; Mis Zapatos is actually Indonesian brand. Not after I check out their Instagram then I know Mis Zapatos IS NOT Indonesian brand. And no, that bag is not available here in Indonesia. Only in Japan, and later I found out in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Size Plus Wearing White


I have another foodie gathering invitation at the end of May and just I realized. I hardly ever wear something in white. And I just noticed this because the invitation stated white for the dress code.

I am thinking hard, why on earth I rarely purchase anything white for most of my outfits. I bought one from ZARA ages ago, probably almost 10 years now.

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movie ticket

Avengers: Infinity War! I find it hard to go anywhere without running into people who has seen the movie and talk about it. Don’t even mention the social media because everybody loves to show to the world that they have seen the movie. I planned to see the movie on Sunday with my mom at the nearest theater. What? With my mom? Does she even like superhero kind of movies? Aside from Wonder Woman, nope she doesn’t like all superhero movies. But she just enjoyed watching movies at theater and she has been doing that ever since my late dad still around. I decided to take her to the movie on Sunday.

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Handmade wooden craft by Uma Kayu

Uma Kayu items

I haven’t been written anything on my blog for several reasons.  I think I kinda remember that I would write about ethnic accessories. But yikes, it has been months and I forgot to take picture of my own collection. I will try to take photos of them later to chit chat about them. Now, let’s talk about another Indonesian handmade product that I loves. It called Uma Kayu (check out their Instagram account).

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