Ripped Jeans

My very first ripped jeans combine with top by #BAJUBEDA

To get my writing inspiration about fashion for women ages 40-ish something, I joined this group on Facebook. We shares #OOTD photos, exchanging tips and sometimes ask for other’s opinion. It’s fun actually, seeing women across the universe sharing tips and their outfit. It’s a bit hard for me to find this kind of community in here. Once I have this placement article on my other blog about dressing for mature women. One of the reader said that she or probably he won’t be thinking about outfit too much when reaching that certain age. As if when we passed our twenties or thirties we are no longer allowed to dress up.

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Traveling Disaster (Again)

Trying to smile under the heavy wind and rain wasn’t easy

I once wrote it here what dress I will bring, what kind of outfit for my outing trip to the province of  islands Bangka and Belitung. Well, guess what… no surprise that all my plan failed.

I didn’t expect the weather would not be friendly with us. I have expected there would be rain but goodness for all day long? And our trip was hopping islands where you expected blue sky and white sands. It didn’t happen. So, eventually I just wear my shirt and legging because there is no place for changing clothes. Yeah, I brought my raincoat but I use it to cover my belonging from the rain. It was a miracle I didn’t get sick.

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Batik From Bangka

Batik top bought at Bangka
It has been more than two weeks since I was back from traveling Belitung and Bangka. But I have not written about my trip so I decided to post this one first.
On our last day in Bangka before going back to Jakarta. our tour guide: Tria took us to two places that sold not only souvenirs like crackers or keychains but also traditional fabric. Each provinces in Indonesia has their own traditional clothes and fabrics. Belitung and Bangka also have their own batik.
I was really not in the mood for shopping frenzy since I have run out of money. We were not taken to the fabric where we can see the traditional fabric being made. But to two stores and both of them naturally put a bit higher price. After wipe out almost my money on crackers, coffee and shirt at sovenir shop, Tria the tour guide took us to Galeri Batik Destiani where we can buy traditional fabric from Bangka.

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Happy Ascension Day year 2017

Picture courtesy of my friend : Patsy.

Dear all readers, happy Ascension day to you. May peace and love be with us always and God bless us all.  When He had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, He lifted up His hands and blessed them. While He was blessing them, He left them and was taken up to heaven. He will return to us… in time… 

Thank you dear Patsy for your permission. Happy Ascension day to you and your family.

International GIVEAWAY


Baju Beda with Lifestyle blogger
Hi all… I am having international giveaway on my Instagram account. I am collaborating with my own friend (used to be my colleague in the office ages ago) who is the creator and owner of clothing line : BEDA.
Okay, first let me inform you what “BEDA” means in English. Beda is an Indonesian word means: DIFFERENT. Baju means clothes, it can be dress or top. We are all unique & naturally we want to be different. She wants her creation makes us feel yeah, we stand out from others and looks awesome. She has another clothing line but let’s concentrate on this one.

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First Easter


That was the last photo of me and my father at the church on Good Friday. Because my parents were not well so for a few years already, I always went alone to the church to celebrate Easter. But this year, will be my very first to celebrate Easter without my father. He passed away last year, just few days after Ascension Day. Sometimes I still miss him but I hope he rest in peace.

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#TravelBangkaBelitung – Getting Ready

Hat, sunglasses, Batty going to Bangka Belitung

The date has been set and I am ready to go to Bangka and Belitung with my colleagues. Yeah, this is another outing held by my office and I can’t hardly wait. Well, actually not really that excite because this May is one year of my father’s passing. So, I was a bit sad to leave my mom while I should be at home with her. But this trip will only takes 4 days so hopefully everything is going to be okay.

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Discount Goods, yay or nay?


So, I know I have been reminding myself not to buy online again and again. But well, sometimes I browsing around the net and found something cute though not useful. Or something not so cute but the very thing that I need though not urgent. Anyway, in the end I think buying things will find its own way to me. Kidding.

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Bring Your Scarf


Last Saturday, my friend called me to hang out with her at the mall (as usual, where else can we go?)

It has been raining for few days, so I prefer a simple outfit. Just a skinny jeans with my new Supima T-shirt (remember, the one that I bought in a hurry?) . I decided to bring along my red jacket and also my batik scarf.

The hang out place located at 56th floor BCA Tower and I was a bit taken aback. We didn’t plan to hang out at Skye in the first place. It was sort out popped out from my friend, she loves do things spontaneously. I was like, did I wear suitable outfit? I heard Skye is a fancy restaurant and lounge so I kinda worry with my outfit. I could wear the batik scarf so my outfit doesn’t look too simple. But I wore sport shoes and these kinda shoes sort of forbidden in this kind of restaurant . You know, the smart casual rule for us when we are about to dine in in a fancy restaurant.

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