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My Danessia bag

By the time I reached the age 35, I was no longer able to use small bags for the most of my activities. And year after year, the bag keeps on getting bigger. I feel too lazy to organize and just grab my necessary things and drop all of them inside my bag. Let me see, I used to bring my mini umbrella, hat, my wallet (this one, I have been abandon them all at home to avoid being taken by pickpocket on the bus), my notes, my cardholder, my handphones, their chargers, internet modem… That was quite a list, right? And during weekend there will be more to bring like wet tissue, lotion, lipstick and the list can grow longer… Which is why not a surprise that most of my sling bag and backpack in big size to contain all of whatever that I decide to bring.

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Batik Maintenance

Ethnic pants by BEDA

Nope, I’m not an expert in handling traditional fabric and such. In reality, I’m totally just as clueless as anybody else. The thing is, when we traveling to exotic countries or areas we fall in love with those traditional fabrics. So, we decided to buy them because let’s face it. It’s hard to resist that colorful fabric. But, we have no idea how to do a proper maintenance. Aren’t we?

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Ethnic Clothing Mix Match



I never really into ethnic clothing until recently because well for me, ethnic fabric seems a bit complicated to be used for daily activities.
Once I posted here about ethnic vest that I just bought impulsively and then I have no idea how and with what I should wear it. However, I also posted so many times already that Indonesian traditional clothing now is far easier to use for daily activity. There are so many types of traditional fabrics from Indonesia that you can look up in Wikipedia. You can see that most of traditional fabrics are with unique pattern but not always colorful.
So, my conclusion that to mix match outfit with ethnic fabric are

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Photo belongs to BEDA
Once I held giveaway sponsored by Indonesian line clothing called : BEDA. Second on my other blog during Eid al-Fitr festivity. And now, come to think of it…seems unfair that I have not share with you about BEDA. What is BEDA? What is the meaning of that name? So, after the giveaway I think this is the right time to get acquainted with BEDA. And here goes…
Hi! Thanks for spending some time for this interview. Can you tell us a bit about BEDA? Like when this business started?  
No problem, the pleasure is mine. Beda design is a leading Indonesian boutique design and manufacturer of women’s fashion. Tops, ethnic pants, dresses that our customer able to wear to formal ceremonies or for hang out and for daily activities outfits in the office. BEDA launched the first collection around May 2017. The respond was incredible as our first collection sold out within 2 days.

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