movie ticket

Avengers: Infinity War! I find it hard to go anywhere without running into people who has seen the movie and talk about it. Don’t even mention the social media because everybody loves to show to the world that they have seen the movie. I planned to see the movie on Sunday with my mom at the nearest theater. What? With my mom? Does she even like superhero kind of movies? Aside from Wonder Woman, nope she doesn’t like all superhero movies. But she just enjoyed watching movies at theater and she has been doing that ever since my late dad still around. I decided to take her to the movie on Sunday.

Okay, why on Sunday? Oh well, because there is this cashback promo that I plan to use to buy the movie tickets. But this is a new movie, there will be long line unless I get there earlier. And I couldn’t go there earlier because I have to go to the church in the morning. I plan to see the movie around 12 PM and the church service would end around 10.30 AM. If the preacher is the kind of person who get to the point and not beat around the bush. So, I told my mom we’ll see what will happen…

Me with my mom

Then I was sort of thinking what kind of outfit I should be wearing. Usually, I don’t like to wear jeans pants and sneakers to the church. I don’t know, call me old fashioned but wearing either one of them to the church seems sooo not formal. I always think that going to the church at the very least I should be wearing something decent. Probably skirt or dress, though not long dress or gown… that’s too much. Usually we went home after church service before even going anywhere. My mom always insist that we went home first before probably going out to have lunch or to see movie. But this time, I said to her I don’t want to waste time by going home. This is all thanks to all spoiler lovers that drive me insane. I want to see the movie now!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Finally, I decided to wear ethnic top mix with my old Zara jeans. And for the shoes, I prefer my Onitsukatiger and also bringing my Sackai backpack for moviedate with mom.

My Sackai Bag for OOTD Infinity War

Why the backpack? Because I need to bring a lot more like my handphone chargers and pashmina. The last one is for my mom just in case she feel a bit colder because of the aircon. And her medicine, wallet, my wallet…gosh… I didn’t expect going to the movie would be so hectic.

Why jeans and sneakers? I need to support my mom when she need to take the stairs and it seems a bit tiresome for me while wearing skirt and heels. Okay, is actually a pair of wedges not more than 5 cm high but still troublesome for me.

This is me, trying to look cool but have to think hard for probably about one hour just for outfit to go to church and movie all on the same day…

Oh and by the way, mom has no idea what the movie all about and I hate the ending. But overall, I’m happy that we finally went out together to see movie on a big screen together after she was not feeling well a month ago.

Like I promise, no spoilers. Posted about tips bringing elderly to watch the movie on my other blog here.


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