About Ria

I am a 40 years old something Indonesian woman who loves blogging. I have other blog in dual languanges here at Ria The Chocolicious, my posts covers almost about anything but mostly food.
Here,  I just want to share the fun things I have about dressing up. I’m not call myself a fashionista because I used to hate everything about fashion. I thought that dress code or ethic for dressing was so exhausting. But now, I just want to have fun with it…

Come to think of it, my mom and late dad has their thing with fashion. I like to open old albums and look at their photos in their younger days, happier days…

Other information about me, I have my articles posted in various Indonesian magazines like Cosmo Girl, Cosmopolitan, Femina and Reader Digest Indonesia. I have been blogging all my life simply because I prefer to pour my thoughts on writing.

I am open to any of you who wish to ask my help for free promotion of your products on my blog. Especially handmade products 🙂 With one condition, I can get one of your products for free so I can review it here on my blog.

I can be contacted at riatumimomor@gmail.com


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