Online and Offline Shopping


Batik culotte
Bought this batik culotte via online shop

Oh dear, are we really going to talk about this again? We thought I was over that, right? Right?

No, it turn out I can’t resist the temptation of buying clothes via online shop thanks to my dear colleague in the office. In her spare times, she loves browsing online finding things for her daughter. And naturally, in the end she also browse many online shops to find clothes for herself. And in the end, I was intrigued by her activity and all clothes she bought. As you all can guess I start to install the apps on my phone. Lurking, stalking many online shops… The result is combination of devastating and satisfying…

Batik culotte at Amirashopp
Anyway… from my recent failure and successful online shopping, I came to several conclusions as follows

When you are at the mall and want to buy an outfit, surely you will check it meticulously. Should there be a changing room, you prefer to try it on. Feeling the fabric on your skin then checking whether the outfit looks good on you. After that, you will make sure that there is nothing damage and is the cutting good? Then after all of that serious checking the clothes will be ours. Well, after making the payment of course.

While buying outfit from online shop, we won’t be able to do the list of checking like when we were buying offline. But, there are things we can do to minimize the damage:

What size are we?
Are you size small or extra large or simply medium? Just knowing this will be enough, right? WRONG. I have no idea how these online shops do their measuring, but it seems they have different measurement.

Batik dress
I bought this outfit a year ago and now I have gained 5 kilos and still I can wear the outfit. I read that the outfit bust measurement is: 94 cm. So, it means I can buy outfit online with bust around 98 cm. But in reality, I can’t. I bought two shirts one with bust : 96 cm and the other is 102 cm. The one with bust 102 cm fit perfectly while the other one, is waste of money.
I prefer to find another outfit when there is no explanation on the exact measurement.
The same thing goes when I’m planning to buy a pair of shoes. If there is no measurement size like for example, no 37 is equal with 23.5 cm and such, I prefer not to buy it. Once I did that, and I have to go forth and back returning the shoes to the seller. And thanks God the seller agree to do so.


Recommendation and review
Yes, these two can help us to filter which online shops that has less dissatisfaction from the customer. Customers review on the product and the online shops also help us a bit. We have to remember, everyone has different kind of quality standard. The thing that I said fine, not sure my own friend will think the same.
The review often include how well the seller response to the buyer or in handling complaints. Most of the online shops owner has put warning sign that they will accept no complain and no return item once we purchase their products. There are few who are willing to return our fund if we claim their product not satisfying but we still lost money for returning the product.


READ Terms and Condition CAREFULLY
In this case, I am the one who is lazy to find review from other customers. I’m too lazy in reading the terms and conditions. I pay no attention on what kind of fabric is the wanted outfit. I am too lazy to browse to find similar outfit with better price. I am too lazy to read details on the outfit carefully. We have to pay attention for all these things. Remember, pictures on online shops most of the time doesn’t really describe the product. That is why we often read about disappointment from customer when receiving the product that is totally different from the photo.


Be Reasonable
The clothes looks good on the model on the pic because of what? Because she’s pretty or at least has photogenic face. She has slender body, the hair seems perfect, don’t even bother about her make up. In short the models were chosen to make the dress look better. Never expect that you will get the same result like the display photos. You won’t. Especially when the online shops owner has put long explanation about the kind of fabric and other measurement.
You should also consider about the price. There is this saying, you get what you paid for. Often, we end up buying fake goods instead the original one. Again, read the review from other buyers. Many of them gives compliment because they simply realize they don’t need the original one. Others, probably feeling tricked will said, oh this is not even close to original product and so on.
Just be reasonable. Doesn’t mean that cheap things equal with bad quality. You just need to know, what is your priority. If you want the original then buy it at official store. If not, then choose wisely which online store that will provide you the things that you need


I decided that I can’t really stop buying things online right now as some of the items are good. And it’s not like I have the time to browse offline every weekend. The price can be cheaper though the quality is as good as we can get with that kind of price. But, yeah I do think I need to be more careful before finally paying things that end up being tossed away because have low quality. And most important, the outfit doesn’t fit at all.


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