Wishlist Walking Shoes

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Hi all… I would like to tell you that if everything is going on as plan I will accompany my mom back to her home town in Medan – the capital city of province North Sumatra. North Sumatra is one of provinces in Indonesia and no, me going there isn’t permanent. We will be spending our Christmas holiday until few days after new year celebration. And as always, when you are about to travel suddenly you realize you need new things. Okay, they are probably not really that important to buy. That is just me, try to find reason to buy new things. But it doesn’t hurt to make a wish list, right?

This post will talk about my dream walking shoes. I think I am going to do a bit of walking there though probably not much. So, I need one of these shoes… (correction: want one pair…just one pair…please)

Skechers Go Walk
Yeah, is a slip on shoes so there will be no hassle tying the shoe laces. And I am pretty sure, these shoes will be taking care of my feet. It’s soft on the inside, and  I will have no worry to take these shoes to walk or stand all day long.
I don’t know is waterproof or otherwise but not planning to walk through a river. Probably I will know if I walk under the rain. Which I hope it won’t happen.




Reebok Zilactic
I think perhaps a few years ago, Miranda Kerr becoming the model for Skyscape Reebook’s and when I tried on my feet, wow…so light! And that was my first time realize that wow, sport shoes has evolving. You have fitness shoes, running shoes and now even walking shoes. It is sooo light, like the shoes and your feet are just a pair.

But you know, you were browsing and then your eyes catched this shoes and though is not for walking and there are those laces….but the color is so cute…



Source of Pic is from Fabulous After 40

I read on fabulous 40 that Ecco Biom Grip Lite Mary Jane is also good for walking. There is this strap on the shoes. The kind of shoes that I need to wear without socks. Usually I will get blister and that’s why I always bring a band-aid to cover it. It was like making an announcement that hey, I am wearing new shoes. It is also so light, so I suppose a pair of this is okay to be on the wish list.

Any of you ever try any of these shoes for walking long distance? Or do you have any more suggestion for my wish list?

2 thoughts on “Wishlist Walking Shoes

  1. ajenangelinaa September 29, 2016 / 9:29 am

    REboook.. Kayanya sepatu2 di atas expensive deh huhuhu


    • riatumimomor September 30, 2016 / 1:00 am

      makanya jadi wishlist Ajeeen… siapa tau ada yg mau sponsorin :)))))))


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