Ethnic Clothing Mix Match



I never really into ethnic clothing until recently because well for me, ethnic fabric seems a bit complicated to be used for daily activities.
Once I posted here about ethnic vest that I just bought impulsively and then I have no idea how and with what I should wear it. However, I also posted so many times already that Indonesian traditional clothing now is far easier to use for daily activity. There are so many types of traditional fabrics from Indonesia that you can look up in Wikipedia. You can see that most of traditional fabrics are with unique pattern but not always colorful.
So, my conclusion that to mix match outfit with ethnic fabric are

Plain Shirt
I just realized that I have friend who designed unique clothes and started to take interest in wearing them. The thing is, most of her creations are with various patterns and colors as she likes to mix them all in one outfit. So, unless I have that big of confidence that my colorful top will match with the ethnic pants I think plain shirt will do just fine.
With plain shirt, focus of attention will be directed to the ethnic pants or skirt. Usually I choose colors like black and grey. However, I think we can start to pick the same color with the pattern of the ethnic pants.

Code RED

Like the one that I wore on Indonesia Independence Day, there is this red color on the ethnic pants. So, I pair it with red top.
I think I have to start collection various colors of the same model of plain shirts.



Yeah, we can mix and match jeans with almost about everything nowadays including ethnic fabric. Especially if you are about to hang out or going to less formal event but want to stand out though you also don’t want to look as if trying too much. Don’t we just love to complicate our life. No wonder famous people just have this plain shirt, plain skirt and get it done with it.
Probably should avoid that ripped jeans as people attention will be divided, like the one I wore on the above picture.


I wouldn’t wear ethnic accessories and this I’m planning to make separate post later. Ethnic accessories are just as unique and eye catching and that is our intention. But, mixing it with ethnic dress well only a few people can get away with that kind of combination. Wear a necklace or a bracelet and I won’t wear them more than one as my ethnic dress are the focus of attention.


Well, naturally that depends on the outfit, I must say. Are we wearing those long ethnic pants? If you have short body like me, maybe you better wear high heels with it. Or, relax… if you can’t stand high heels then wedges would be better. So, it doesn’t necessarily you have to wear ethnic sandals or something like that. You may choose any kind of shoes including sneakers and boots. Again, depends on the outfit. For me, I want my shoes to support my need for comfort.

3 thoughts on “Ethnic Clothing Mix Match

  1. Ceritaeka September 15, 2017 / 1:05 am

    Bajubedaaaaa… lucu! aku mau upload punyaku hari ini aaah.
    btw matching ya wedges abu-abunya. Suka!

    Liked by 1 person

    • riatumimomor September 15, 2017 / 1:40 am

      ditunggu yaaah… tp yg foto terakhir itu bukan produk baju beda siiiik 🙂


  2. Fanny Fristhika Nila September 23, 2017 / 2:15 am

    Aku jg jarang pake baju etnik.. Ga banyak juga sih, itupun rata2 batik only. Kalo kain2 etnik dr daerah lain bisa dibilang aku ga punya :D. Sama mba, aku juga mikirnya ribet dipake :p. Tp baju2 di atas aku suja ih. Ama bawahannya jugaa, lucuuu 😀


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