Adjustable Waist Culotte

I used to be a lot chubbier than nowadays  but finally able to reduce my weight as times goes by. Since, I was used to have overweight body so most of old clothes were adjustable waist. You know, like the kind of clothes that usually kids wear or pregnant women.

Recently I gained a bit of weight thanks for the wonderful meal during Ramadhan festivity here in Indonesia. Imagine, since I’m not Moslem so obviously I didn’t fast during Ramadhan month. However, breakfasting invitations were many and hard to refuse since well… I loves eating. But thankfully, culotte with adjustable waist is currently trending here in Jakarta and area around Java island.  And what is the perfect clothes to have big lunch than those with adjustable waist pants? *GRINNING* I have one that I wore during Jakarta Walking Tour (the first picture above)

Bought Batik Culotte at Amirashopp
Batik culotte bought it online 

Since original batik fabric is expensive, many people including me prefer to buy printed batik. Though I sincerely hope that the one that I bought really made and printed by local people here in Indonesia. I despised traditional fabric that made outside Indonesia as being too cheap they could literally kill local industry here.

Batik culotte at Amirashopp
Fitted top


The fabric of this batik culotte is smooth and very comfortable for me. Then I posted my photo to the group of women age 40. Asking their opinion about matching outerwear and top. Most of them said, the black top look a bit big and fitted top is preferable. Naturally, I skip the additional information that the only reason I wear loose top to hide my belly. LOL. Plus, I was about to go to eat big time with other foodie. I didn’t want to wear something that too tight.

Now, I’m back to stalking online shop against all the things that I have said in the past. That buying online is a big no and so on… When you find something that match your personality is kinda making you addicted to find more online…


3 thoughts on “Adjustable Waist Culotte

  1. coretandenina July 17, 2017 / 9:25 am

    Kulot batiknya cakep banget Kak…
    Iya kaya nya dengan pasangan kaos hitamnya makin mantap Kak.
    Belanja online… buat nggak capek jalan ngider, tapiiiii…. duit nggak kerasa perginya… hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fanny Fristhika Nila July 18, 2017 / 12:43 am

    Ihhh aku jg suka celana model giniiii :D. Nyaman yaaa.. Enak makenya pas jalan2 mba.. Walopun agak susah nemu yg pas ama bdnku yg kelewat kecil mba. Makanya pas nemu, biasanya aku lgs beli bbrp motif sekalian

    Liked by 1 person

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