Batik From Bangka

Batik top bought at Bangka
It has been more than two weeks since I was back from traveling Belitung and Bangka. But I have not written about my trip so I decided to post this one first.
On our last day in Bangka before going back to Jakarta. our tour guide: Tria took us to two places that sold not only souvenirs like crackers or keychains but also traditional fabric. Each provinces in Indonesia has their own traditional clothes and fabrics. Belitung and Bangka also have their own batik.
I was really not in the mood for shopping frenzy since I have run out of money. We were not taken to the fabric where we can see the traditional fabric being made. But to two stores and both of them naturally put a bit higher price. After wipe out almost my money on crackers, coffee and shirt at sovenir shop, Tria the tour guide took us to Galeri Batik Destiani where we can buy traditional fabric from Bangka.

Batik bought at Galeri Destiani
Most of local stores in Bangka and Belitung prefer we pay everything in cash. If you use credit card there will be additional charges. And we obviously don’t want that.
At Galeri Batik Destiani the sales girl explain that traditional fabric were made from various process including traditional weaving. mass production in factory, handmade batik and so on. I was half listening, determined not to get too interested. I don’t want to look closely at any of the traditional fabric, not even to look around the store and take a photo. Just when I was about to reach the door my colleague called me and said,”These are rather cute…”
So, there I was going back from nearly reach for the door and enter back into the store. I take a look, sighing then in the end I said,” Can I borrow your money? Once in Jakarta I will return it to you.”
Because this store prefer cash as payment method and I didn’t want to stay any minute longer. Fearing I was going to look for another and another…
Anyway, I enclosed my tour guide’s phone number. Maybe if you are planning to go to Bangka you can give her a call for a tour. She can be contacted at : +6281271605576
If you know a bit of Indonesian and curious about the store you can check it here di situs ini or at this shopping back from the store :
The map as follows :

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