International GIVEAWAY


Baju Beda with Lifestyle blogger
Hi all… I am having international giveaway on my Instagram account. I am collaborating with my own friend (used to be my colleague in the office ages ago) who is the creator and owner of clothing line : BEDA.
Okay, first let me inform you what “BEDA” means in English. Beda is an Indonesian word means: DIFFERENT. Baju means clothes, it can be dress or top. We are all unique & naturally we want to be different. She wants her creation makes us feel yeah, we stand out from others and looks awesome. She has another clothing line but let’s concentrate on this one.

Baju Beda ready to be delivered to loyal customers
I loves seeing her passionate tell me about her baby; well her creation is like her child. She wants her “child” to growp up to be better. While I am working my own dream, I wish my blogs (this and the other one) will be well known. People will read when they need information about anything on my blog. So, why don’t we help each other?
And this moment, you may contact her via WHATSAPP : +6281213182919 . You can download the chat application at Google Play or at Apple Store to communicate with her.
So, how to get one of those cute and unique top ?
Regram foto  please
Rule of the game are simple :
1. Follow Instagram @riamrt & @baju_beda
3. Be her friends on Facebook
4. Click the above photo and regram it. You can do it more than once.
5. Tag me on the photo, just my account  : @riamrt dan three of your friends
6. Tell me the reason why do you think you should be the winner of this giveaway. Don’t forget #giveawaybajubeda
7. Your account should not be private account as we won’t be able to check your post
8. Copy and paste all the original caption after you stated your reason for wanting the gift
This is an international giveaway so no matter where you live you can join this giveaway. It started from  25 April until 14 May 2017 23.59 Indonesian time.
If you are currently stay and live in Kuala Lumpur, you can see it for yourselves products of BEDA because they will be here:
Location at Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur . Yeah, Baju Beda go international ! Have fun with this giveaway Baju Beda dear readers.

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