Discount Goods, yay or nay?


So, I know I have been reminding myself not to buy online again and again. But well, sometimes I browsing around the net and found something cute though not useful. Or something not so cute but the very thing that I need though not urgent. Anyway, in the end I think buying things will find its own way to me. Kidding.

But, what actually do you feel when you saw discounted items on the store on online shops? Items are least wanted by customers, the store is getting ready for new collection so they wish to “get rid” the previous collection, items on sale are no longer trending among customers and so on. In short, the first thing on our mind were probably like this item on discounted prize because only few people like this kind of things.

Reasons I buy things on discounted prize are:

Friendly budget
I wish to buy that classic dress from famous clothing line blah, blah but unable to afford the price. Then after a few months, the very same dress is on discount price. And there is one for my size. Will I buy it? Of course! The dress is simple and not following the current fashion trend. I can wear it again and again until I get bored with the dress.

First Time Buyer
I see this online clothing store and again, can’t afford to buy the cute top. And then a few months, the top is on sale with half the usual price. Most definately I am going to buy it. So, I can get the bigger picture about the quality of other items from that online shop. It happens, the owner also the creator so I get the idea about her works.


For example this top I bought it from local online shop: CANTINGE HERITAGE while on discounted price.

Things I Need though not really
I am about to go to Bangka and Belitung and most of the area that I’ll visit are beach, island, beach, island and sea… My things are going to get wet and seems having a waterproof bag is a great idea. And then I found one local store selling waterproof bags in Bali. And, there are two discounted items and I chose tote bag. I like the tote bag, because I can use the cute bag for hang out at the mall. And the plus point, the bag can be easily wash.


The waterproof bag is made by aZurbali.

By the way, this post is not sponsored post by those two local brands. I create this post to support Indonesian creation and brand 🙂


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