Bring Your Scarf


Last Saturday, my friend called me to hang out with her at the mall (as usual, where else can we go?)

It has been raining for few days, so I prefer a simple outfit. Just a skinny jeans with my new Supima T-shirt (remember, the one that I bought in a hurry?) . I decided to bring along my red jacket and also my batik scarf.

The hang out place located at 56th floor BCA Tower and I was a bit taken aback. We didn’t plan to hang out at Skye in the first place. It was sort out popped out from my friend, she loves do things spontaneously. I was like, did I wear suitable outfit? I heard Skye is a fancy restaurant and lounge so I kinda worry with my outfit. I could wear the batik scarf so my outfit doesn’t look too simple. But I wore sport shoes and these kinda shoes sort of forbidden in this kind of restaurant . You know, the smart casual rule for us when we are about to dine in in a fancy restaurant.


But thankfully, they seems a bit lowering their strict rule because we were allowed to enter; after we paid for Rp 200.000,- food and beverage voucher per person.

Perhaps because so many people (probably including me and my friends) loves spending time to take selfie and only have 1 drink but sit for hours, they decided to have this regulation. But doesn’t matter because we are going to sit and dine in anyway.

My point is, when you think your outfit is too simple just for the sake of being comfortable then don’t forget to bring the following:

Colorful scarf
If you are wearing dark color outfit then bring colorful scarf or the one with red or gold color. Rose gold will be nice.

Older pic, wearing longer version of the same pattern batik scarf – yeah I was a bit smaller… 🙂

Big or ethnic necklace, and how about wearing more than one?

Probably I should wear my boots instead of sneakers. But can’t help it, because sneakers more suitable for my lazy feet. Thanks goodness mine are colorful 🙂

Sometimes, entering a certain situation makes me feel out of place. But anyway, enjoy the moment, just be yourself and go selfie all the way 🙂

Because no matter how great your outfit is if you don’t feel comfortable then it will show on those selfies….


5 thoughts on “Bring Your Scarf

  1. Nusantara Adhiyaksa February 28, 2017 / 12:18 pm

    saat ini scarf sudah banyak model dan jenisnya, sehingga jadi bagian dari aksesoris style kekinian


  2. dewi Nielsen March 2, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    Suka scarf ya kak? disini kalau ganti musim banyak banget model2 scarfnya ….gemes….


  3. Ceritaeka March 3, 2017 / 9:48 am

    Sky emang hits banget kaaaak ^_^
    Dulu pake jins sih bisa ditolak kalo ke Skye kak.
    Anyway love the scarf!


  4. saribainbridge March 12, 2017 / 3:47 pm

    where else can we go ? yes I always go to mall in Jakarta Ria :). Cute scarft btw ^_^


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