Happy Valentine Day


Hi all 🙂 First of all I want to wish you to have a very lovely Valentine Day. I am not really into celebrating Valentine Day but kinda looking forward for this day. Why? Here are the reasons:

Pro and Cons
Though I think sometimes this debate about should we or should we not celebrate Valentine day is a waste of time, I do enjoy to read those endless bark between the pro and the con.
Me personally, I am not really into Valentine day. In fact I remember that during my adolescent years, Valentine day was my nightmare. Being single, I surrounded by friends who have endless stories about their boyfriends, their boyfriends gifts on ValDay, their boyfriends attention and so on. And I can’t say that it was the most boring conversation ever because they will accuse me of jealousy. Which come to think of it, I probably did.
Now, I no longer care about the real meaning and just have fun with it. But, hey if you want to waste your time debate about this then is up to you.


Yeah, this is the moment I have been waiting for. Like any other festives, department stores and restaurants and food chains also celebrate this event by giving promos and discount. Though actually, they sort of force us to buy more just with cheaper price for something that we don’t really need.
Like, I keep on say I am on a diet but since the price of chocolates is on discount I decided to buy more than usual. Buying new clothes or dating outfit, promo for couples and so on. But anyway, is still fun 🙂


Duuh, used to be pink everywhere all over the city. Not to mention t-shirt couple, those really gave me headache. I only have few pink T-shirt as is not my favorite color. But, I don’t mind wearing it from time to time. But to see it all over the place is boring.
Nowadays with so many useful sites advising about perfect outfit for Valentine Day, you can learn that pink is no longer the-must-wear-color.
Again, if your date include big meal then make sure not wearing something too tight as this will be bad news for your digestion.

So, how did you spend your Valentine Day?


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