Mommy Jeans


About a few weeks ago on the celebration of #ChineseNewYear and accident happened. I won’t go into any details but it was like a bottle of sauces just being thrown at you. In short, your dress gets dirty all over the place including my underwear. Buying another clothes seems the only way out at that moment.

Unfortunately, at that time I took my mom to fancy place to have our lunch together. I can afford the meal, but to buy clothes at any outlets at Plaza Indonesia is far and far and far above my pay grade. So, I use my scarf to hide all the mess on my dress (is a white colorful dress by the way) I went to another mall : Grand Indonesia just across the street. I can only think about one store that big chances is affordable and that is UNIQLO.

Why not other brand? To be honest, recently I am not really into shopping. I know there are other stores likes Forever 21, Zara, Mango, but since I rarely buy any of them, I have no idea about the size. I was not in condition to pick any pants or dresses and try them on before making decision to buy. Like I said, even my underwear need replacement ASAP.

So I went to UNIQLO and try to find any legging that I used to buy. Yeah, I have two different colors for the same legging. So, I know the size and just need to grab it fast. But it turn out, those legging that available for my size are the same colors with those I have at home. Damn. I have to find another pants and my eyes hooked on several jeans. But I didn’t understand the size so I asked the sale promotion girl to find one. At first I requested size M but changed to size L. When I saw the pants, I thought probably XL’s size  would be a lot safer.


“Madam, it won’t fit you nicely if the size a lot bigger than the one you usually wear.”

Right, is emergency situation and both of us still talk about fashion. But I followed her suggestion and thanks for her kind assistance. Bless her heart. Then I grab a t-shirt that was on sale and paid for them and off to buy disposable panties. After that I went to the restroom to change my outfit.


That was when I realized, the jeans was like a mommy jeans. You know the one with high waist and if you are about to go to have big lunch and dinner, this kind of jeans is not recommended. But, I have paid for this and there is no turning back. So, I wore it cautiously as my fat going all the way up. The Supima t-shirt is comfortable but unable to hide the fat effortlessly. I have to keep on checking from time to time, and decided big meal is a big no-no at that time. My previous dress were suitable for lunch but I can’t wear it again at that time. Sighed.

If you encountered any accidents that force you to buy clothes within minutes (yeah, is no joke…or excuse to go shopping. Sometimes, s**t happened) then make sure you know the right size. And no matter how urgent the situation is, try to look more carefully which one will fit you nicely. If you are not sure, check out this measurement on this blog: JillyBeJoyful. Hopefully this information will be helpful.


In the end, I used a bit loose top to hide the high waist as I decided to open the button just for the sake of comfort. My stomach need more space and this skinny high waist pants unable to give any. But, I already bought it so I just have to deal with it.

Have you ever been into silly accidents like me?


4 thoughts on “Mommy Jeans

  1. dewi Nielsen February 12, 2017 / 10:21 am

    I have Uniqlo jeans kak…they are still good, even though they are old already.

    So your stomach need more space kak? esp. after eat bpk Medan 😉 ha ha ha


  2. Ceritaeka March 3, 2017 / 9:50 am

    Aku gak PD juga kak kalo pake mommy jeans 😀


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