Lunar New Year


GONG XI FA CAI to all friends and readers 🙂 So, to you all singleton out there, did you get many red envelopes? 🙂 Just remember not to spend them all on shopping. Kidding. I just spend mine on shopping but I will get to that later on the next post.


Anyway, I joined this blog competition about Chinese New Year Festival in Indonesia. And since I have never participated nor have I ever been in any Chinese New Year celebration, I decided to write it from my own point of view. Related that the celebration almost similar with me celebrating Christmas and new year. About family gathering and and say thank you for the days that we have been through. Hopefully, the coming new year will be prosperous to all of us.


One of the tradition among my Chinese friends is wearing a new dress is a must. Wearing something new is a symbol for embracing new days in the coming new year. Wearing an old dress believed to bring bad luck from the old days. Which is why wearing new dress or outfit also sort a symbol that we leave every bad things in the past. Replacing it with the new dress also as a symbol of our hopes for something new obviously in good ways.

Why red? Well, actually is not just red color for the choice of clothing and accessories. Gold also considered a good one, especially on the new year. Colors that being associated with deaths like black and white, should be avoided at new year celebration. Red is considered as good luck color and also believed for centuries to drive away spirits of bad fortune. So, if you have Chinese friends invites you to join New Year celebration better go for the red dress.

I like wearing red outfit because for me, it helps to lift up my mood. So, a self note for me to find something red for my outfit. Hopefully, this is not me making excuse to spend my lucky money from my boss on clothes again…




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