Avoiding Christmas Sale


It’s getting Christmas soon and me and most of my friends suddenly have this holiday mood. And it usually I end up went Christmas shopping either with my friends or my mom.

Like I said before, I loves that in every malls in Jakarta there are always some kind of Pop-up market. Where several online shops are there selling their products. You can find bags, clothing, shoes, accessories and many more. The thing that you like seeing online but hesitate in buying. And now, you can see it by yourselves.

But now, I sort of avoiding this kind of pop up market because there always something I end up buying. You can find cheap unique clothes up to pricey dresses, all there. Inviting you to grab them before sold out and obviously wash out the content of your wallet. The picture above was the new batik top that I got. Sighed…

So my suggestions are:

Stop reading those newsletters that you subscribe to find out any promotion or new products. Once you read them, you will get curious, and then you will click the link, browsing the site, find something you like and you will buy something soon enough.

You have enough clothes ( I keep telling that to myself), but I always end up buying something. Oh, I haven’t got one of these and surely will be wonderful to have new dress to wear on Christmas celebration. Please, nobody remember what you wear from few years ago unless you are an actress or working in fashion world.

Make a priority list, which are the thing that you need the most since the festivity season is coming. Are you planning on vacation this high season? It means, you will need a lot than just another new wardrobe. And yeah, I also keep telling that to myself. Sometimes I make it but sometimes I just give in.

If you really can’t stop yourself from shopping find something that really pricey. No, seriously. If you buy one top with reasonable price then you will start thinking that there is enough money to buy another one and the next one. Get the most expensive one you can afford then drop the rest. Leave the mall at once and put that big smile on your face. You got what you want 🙂

Until then, Merry Christmas to all my readers. Thanks for reading this blog and my sincere apology for rarely update here.


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