Grey Hair

Taken from this site

Ever since I found this photo of Michelle Williams with her short hair, I decided that this will and always be the hairstyle for me. For so many reasons actually I choose this hairstyle :

Cut Cost
If I have longer hair, it means I will have spare fund for hair treatment. That include shampoo, going to the hairdresser, hair tonic and so on.
With this short hair, I still need treatment but not as much as long hair. I admit, I spent a lot to get my hair done but hey, I only cut my hair once a year now. And I have been a very loyal customer to my hairdresser for almost 10 years. So, I think is worth it to pay a bit more than usual.
Note: I will cut my own hair if only I know how but fortunately for my hairdresser I can’t do that.

Whenever I have to attend an event or party or any other formal occasion, and looking at my long hair. And I wonder what to do with it. Should I make a pony tail out of it? But my hair isn’t that long to begin with. Or just let it loose, but the wind will mess it up brutally. And so on.
This short hairstyle? I only need my finger to get it done. In short, is a perfect style for the lazy woman like me

I was thinking to dye my hair to hide this grey hair but it seems is a bit of trending nowadays. So, why not keep the gray hair? If I am in luck, the grey hair will look different under the light. Or perhaps I am being awfully stingy about it.

Do you have certain hairstyle that you like and always choose that again and again?



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