A few weeks ago, my mom and I saw this cute bag at the mall. But we didin’t buy it straight away because I have an appointment with my friend. So, we sort of kind in a rush to leave. Since I am a bit senile, I took a photo of its brand. It’s ITSZORRA and they are local handmade bag producer.
Marla Patchwork Bag Trapez Shape

Then, after following their Instagram account I got news they would join this sorit of pop-up market at Kota Kasablanka mall. But when we get there, my mom said it wasn’t the bag that she want. I was a bit upset because, she has been questioning me when will we get this bag for weeks. But, in the end I realize is just her style, not to buy thing in a rush. Unlike me who is very impulsive when it comes in buying things that I like. So, we finally back to check out the bag again, comparing one color with another. Rummaging inside that bag. Take another close look until she finally said yes. In the end, she only loves the black color because is the safe one. You can combine it with any kind of dress.

Marla Patchwork bag Box Shape
What I like from this bag, is just one bag but you can make it to three different style. Plus, another extra adjustable long strap to make it as a sling bag. Though I am pretty sure, sling bag will be the last thing on my mom’s wanted list.
If you think you like their products just check out here immediately

One thought on “ITSZORRA BAG

  1. coretandenina November 29, 2016 / 1:00 pm

    hitam memang menawan dan lebih netral dipasangin ke baju.

    saya senang tas yang bisa dimodel-modelin gini Kak… walau nyatanya, saya selalu dengan tas kamera jalannya… capek deh… nggak ada feminimnya… haha

    Liked by 1 person

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