Blogging Competition


On last weekend I took my mom to have another mom and daughter hang out. The truth is I was planning to join blog competition and need fresh photo of myself.

I tried to take photos of myself a few weeks later but there was sort of distractions so those photos were not satisfying, IMHO. I remembered there was this favorite spot at Starbucks located side by side with Megaria’s theater. So, I decided what the heck let’s go there and have a drink. Red Cup drinks are available already and I sort of miss those drinks, a sign Christmas holiday is coming.

Of course, when you were planning to get good photos for competition things would never be any easier. The dreamed spot already being occupied by another person and doesn’t seems she is going to leave any time soon. But thanks goodness, a gentlemen decided to give his couch to my mom and of course I tag along. That’s the thing when you bring your parents 🙂 People can’t help to not be so kind to them.

Anyway, what’s this blog competition about? About when women enter certain age, no longer young, busy with their works and family as well, starting to grow old. The contest called “beautiful age” – I hope I translated that correctly. That at that age, we have really grow old naturally and beautifully, though our journey in life was not an easy one. The participant range from age 35 up to 45, and it means I’m eligible to enter the contest. So, all I need just one photo of myself, looking happy, hopeful, and trendy. That would be easy, right?
This is a lesson for me for always taking selfie with photo application to make my face smoother or whatever. As the result, I have to take probably more than dozens of time just for one satisfying selfie photo. Imagine that…
Here are the things that support my effort:


Red blouse and white ethnic necklace. I was torn between should I wear red shirt or white one? But come to think of it, I was never really matched with white outfit. So, I prefer the red one and just add this ethnic white necklace for the last touch.


Old watch and bracelet


Lazypod and of course camera from my Iphone5S

I use camera application: Camera Plus…not to beautify my face or anything like that.


I have to wait until there were no people behind my back or at the least wait until nobody was looking at me grinning, smiling like crazy to the camera. It’s tiring dude to take photos more than a dozen of times and I think I will avoid coming to that Starbucks for a little while.

Have you got any funny experience taking photos that you would like to share?


3 thoughts on “Blogging Competition

  1. coretandenina November 23, 2016 / 4:50 pm

    Semoga menang ya Mbak! Senyum-senyum sendiri mbayangin spot yang pengen fotoan tau-taunya di occupied sama orang karena saya sering gitu.

    Pengen ikutan kompetisinya, umur saya masuk… haha…

    Sehat terus untuk Namboru ya Kak (panggil Kakak aja deh, lebih tepat)
    Selalu senang lihat kebersamaan kalian.

    Liked by 1 person

    • riatumimomor November 24, 2016 / 12:42 am

      Thanks ya…. sayangnya kompetisinya sudah kelar deh kemarin… Trims juga untuk wishes-nya ^_^


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