After The Lunch


Well, I have made a commotion last week about what is the best outfit to wear and finally decided to wear the one as displayed on the above photo.

What made me chose the above outfit? I will tell you why but to be honest I never really know what was going to be served on that lunch. And when I finally found out, I was really glad making that decision. If you wish to know what did the restaurant served its guests on that day, you can check it all here on my Storysteller.

The main reason I chose the above outfit are:

1. The batik top was fit enough
What I mean is, the top isn’t pressing my body and even have this a-line sort of type. If my stomach suddenly decided to go forward because of having too much to eat, then this top will cover it up.
With this outfit, I can mix it with cardigan or any other outerwear
2. The loosen up jeans
It’s not jegging or skinny jeans, so I am pretty sure my stomach won’t be suffered by having too many meals


The reason why I wasn’t wearing the other outfits

1. For the black top, I think I prefer to wear it during night hang out or dinner so, I crossed this one off the list
2. For the red batik, I was tempting to wear this one because it is more wide than the one that I finally wore. But, I wore this top too many times to lunch invitation. So, again I crosses this one…though at the very last minute
3. For the shirt and culotte
Well, I was informed that the restaurant is a bit luxurious so didn’t think this outfit will sort of fit with the surrounding. And when we finally faced with all those meals… well, I am really glad not wearing this one…


After the meal, all of us women were feeling so full we didn’t have the energy to make funny faces or jumping up and down. Making this photo like a big family reunion because everybody are so full already.

Anyway, thanks to those who helped decide my mind for the outfit 🙂


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