For The Love of Denim


How many denim can you have? I just realized I am also totally impulsive in buying denim dress… denim jacket, whatever denim… I know I should have stop but I just can’t resist having another one and another… Relax, I don’t have too many of them but still, come to think of it…I should say enough is enough. Though I think the reason I like it in the first place because for the color.

With denim :

  1. You can dress up with denim dress and go to either formal events or non formal events
  2. Going to the formal events, we can mix it with blazer and high heels
  3. Going to the non formal events, well there you go… boots, sneakers even sandals or flip flop.
  4. Mix it with something white, white scarf, white shoes, the combination always awesome
  5. You can wear it with any color of accessories ^_^


Anyway, my very first denim dress is this one… I have no idea why I chose this one in the first place. I suppose I still playing safe because this dress totally able to hide my jelly belly. Once I tried to use belt just for the sake of variation but didn’t work out.


Second is this denim dress by zara, a washed up jeans or it looks that way. Totally my favorite when I want to go out with my friends in broad daylight and wish to have big lunch. I started to think that all my dress is about me hiding my jelly belly… Yikes…


Third, jacket jeans… Well, this is not my very first denim jacket but this is the one that I like to wear. The fabric is more light than the older jeans. You know, the old fabric for jeans was heavy and now I suddenly feel so guilty imagining my mom washing all my jeans in the old days. They were all so heavy and I don’t even want to wear them ever again. But this jacket, not only with affordable price (on discount, you know me so well) but the fabric is not so heavy.


Fourth, hopefully this is going to be the very last denim dress… I like it because is so simple and not too pricey. I bought it at the same time I got my new shoes from Berrybenka after writing competition.

Well now I said I should stop buying denim dress… Don’t know if I can keep that promise when another new one pop out in front of my eyes (when I browsing the mall, naturally).


2 thoughts on “For The Love of Denim

  1. AdrianaDian October 11, 2016 / 6:49 am

    Waaah denimnya bagus-bangus maaaak.. Aku malah nggak ada sama sekali, ntah kenapa ngga pede pake mini dress denim gitu soalnya aku lebaaar. Hihihhiii


  2. fanny fristhika nila October 30, 2016 / 3:30 pm

    Aku juga sukaaaaaa mbak ^o^… tapi ga untuk jeans ya ;).. kalo jeans aku ga suka blasss makenya.. mending pake jeggng, legging ato celana kain..

    tapi kalo baju, tas, sepatu bahkan aku punya jilbab dr bahan denim :D.. bahannya halus dan ga kaku.. enak dibentuk2 jadinya.. berasa muda alo pake denim 😀


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