Have Fun With Your Old Rings


Have old rings but getting bored with them? Don’t throw them away or donate them to your nieces or friends or whoever on the net… And don’t follow whatever your heart desire and buying more accessories. Remember, pay day is still a long way to go and you have plan to save a bit for your next travel (whenever that will be or wherever you decided to go anyway). Or you wish to buy presents for someone dear. And you have your eyes on those new camera and really, a new ring? FOCUS! *more a note to myself*

So what to do with these old rings?

Well, you can wear them together. Is that the only advice I can give? Well, yes you can wear them together but in one finger only.

Well the first thing you need to find similar rings, like all of them are made from steels like the below photos. If you have more confidence then next time, we can try to mix totally different rings together.

Let the photos do the talking 🙂


I bought the ring with the red gem on it, while traveling to Bangkok few years ago. But my mom said it sort of looks like a wedding ring. Though I am not in particular looking for someone but I don’t want people think I am already married.




Why? It is the boring question like how many children do you have and where is your spouse working? In Indonesia is common to ask things like that. And to avoid that kind of questions, I have to be creative. Like mixing several rings together.




Then why stop only at 2 rings? Mix 3 of them at once and there you go… A new ring …! Well, sort of…




Have a nice weekend and share with me what you did with your old rings here or via twitter to me ^_^


2 thoughts on “Have Fun With Your Old Rings

  1. ajenangelinaa September 26, 2016 / 6:14 am

    I don’t have ring and hate to wear them.. Soalnya pasti ilang hahahhaha..
    tau deh kelak kalau nikah, cincinnya gue jadiin bandul kalung aja deh


  2. retno October 6, 2016 / 3:14 pm

    the last one is my choice, its unique and only an unique person worn it.
    i have some ring with gem, my favourite is a silver ring with “galih kelor” gem on it.


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