My New Outfit

Olsen Sandals White

A few months ago, I joined this writing competition with theme what cool dress for Lebaran. I stated all dresses that I wish to wear. Sponsored by ShopCoupons, Hijabenka and Berrybenka.

Though my family and I doesn’t celebrate Lebaran but we have relatives and friends who celebrate the big day. And it means, on Lebaran day we would be invited by them. In dire need of new dress? Not really, but don’t mind if I get one 🙂 So, I thought why not join this competition and I might win the first price. Voucher amounting IDR 1.000.000,- to be spent either at Berrybenka or Hijabenka. USD 1.00 is approximately about IDR 13.500,-

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the first winner but I did receive voucher amounting IDR 100.000,-

I almost forgot about the prize and then near the expiring date, I realized I have to buy something with it.

I am in need of new shoes, and yes I mean new FLAT shoes. Either slip on, sneakers or sandal shoes as long as the pair is FLAT.

After browsing, considering, thinking, checking, looking, finally I decided to get this one from Berrybenka.

You know, the thing with buying online is when they are ready with the stock then delivery process takes less than 24 hours. I ordered the shoes around 9 A.M. and the shoes arriving approximately the same time on the next day.


And in the spirit of wearing new shoes, I also bought this new dress from e.shoptime 🙂

As always, never find any problem with flat shoes which is why I love wearing them so much ^_^

Thanks for the gift voucher dear ShopCoupons ^_^ Wondering if you are going to hold another competition with theme what is going to be your new dress for Christmas and New Year 🙂


2 thoughts on “My New Outfit

  1. pahalaguru September 12, 2016 / 5:10 pm

    Dapet voucher dr hijabenka ya mba? Hihi berusaha ngerti hihi…


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