Bigger Or Smaller?


You went to the mall and then in front of you, many stores having crazy sales. Well, not really that crazy because mostly they only give you discount price at 20%. You would get crazy to try to find dress, t-shirt, pants, or whatever that has been discounted to 70%. But, let’s just say you found the thing that you want, with the price that you can afford. Okay, so it’s not on 70% discount but yeah, is on the discount. But there is a problem and that’s the dress that you wish to buy doesn’t available in your size. You should buy dress in size L but there are only size M and size XL.

Will you just buy either one of them or neither?

But is on sale, and I have been dreaming wearing this dress ever since the first time I saw it. Okay, is a bit too much but you know the feeling. And now, finally they reduce the price but no available size that fit me?


Okay, first of all, let’s discuss this… Should we buy smaller dress or bigger dress? Why should we and why not? Because you know, discount doesn’t come twice. Or maybe there will be other opportunities but not on THE DRESS…

Here is why we should not buy bigger dress:

The size is bigger, as you know. So, will it look good on you? Be honest? Unless you are planning to buy bigger size long sleeve shirt and use it as a sweater or something that I would advise it not… True that some bigger dresses could make you look slimmer but most of the time they are not. The reason you buy certain dress because you wish to look good wearing it and also comfortable with it. If not and you are not sure you will be able to improvise then forget about the bigger dress.

The other reason for me personally, buying or having bigger dress is like prepare myself if I gain another kilos in the future. So, just in case I should have bigger clothes. This is a no-no. Your dress sometimes helps as a reminder that you able to reduce weight, eating healthier food, and you could maintain the ideal weight.

Here is why we should not buy smaller dress:

But it will motivate me to reduce my weight! Yeah, right… I bought smaller dress so many often. And I end up wearing them with accessories or additional clothes like jacket or vest. Because without additional clothes, those smaller outfit doesn’t make me look good. And for sure, is not making me comfortable while wear those dress.

Second, let’s say we finally able to reduce or weight and that process was taking months. Finally we are able to wear that outfit but ooops, the trend has moving on. And it will look ridiculous if you just go out with the not-so-smaller-dress. Your close friends probably going to nudge you…Is that the one on big discount that one size smaller?

Do you currently have your eyes on smaller or bigger dress on those stores right now? Tips from me?

  1. Keep moving on, don’t think too much about it.
  2. I’m sure you can use your money on something nice that will suit you just fine…
  3. There are other stores, you know… Try to take a peek at them before rushing to buy clothes that doesn’t fit you
  4. Going abroad? Even better, who knows the outlet there has the exact dress with your size and already discounted. Can’t giving up hope, right?
  5. Make sure you ask other people about the outfit. What? Asking stranger? Why not. A lady once asked me if she looks good with the dress that she’s try to put on right now. We don’t know each other, so I gave her my honest opinion. That she might want to try another color. And she did, and seems satisfied… Though in the end, I noticed she bought the first one she tried. Oh, well…
  6. Hey, why are you still there? Get going!

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