Dress Up For Lunch


Yup, I am now that person who make a fuss almost about everything. But anyway, like I always say that comfort to me is everything.

So, whenever I have a-non-formal invitation from my friends and families either for lunch or dinner then the dress should be comfortable enough.

Take for example this photo on the left. I was wearing batik dress with legging. The dress is wide enough on the belly and hips but a bit short. Since I have big hips, whenever I sit on the chair the dress will go up all the way. And for me, that’s not comfortable. Which is why I also wear the legging.  With this kind of outfit, I can eat as much as my stomach can handle. And no worries that the outfit will give digestive problems.

Don’t get me wrong, I like wearing tight jeans because it help my appearances. But I want to be relax while eating, let all those food flows to their belongs somewhere in my stomach.


If I still want to wear tight legging that really press my stomach but not really helpful to hide the belly then I wear top like the below photo. As the consequences of wearing this tight legging, I don’t have intention to eat much.


And if I do want to eat as much as I can without holding back, then the below dress is my choice. No legging necessary as the dress is long enough and totally big around the belly and hips.  Looking gorgeous (at least that was my mirror said) but comfortable ^_^



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