Bangkok Trip – Late Post


Yeah, it was ages ago in the year 2011 when I still have a bit from my savings to travel.

Travel to Bangkok for me didn’t require to pack lots of clothes because the following reasons:

I was never and not really a fashionista (duh…).  You can see from the above photo that was really not very fashionable thing to wear. Because I always make comfort as my number one priority. If I was not in my comfort zone, I would not enjoying my trip. And it would shown in all my photos.


Second, Bangkok and Jakarta have more or less the same weather so no need for winter coat or any other winter clothing, spring clothing and so on. The weather is either dry or rain. Since bringing umbrella seems out of the questions, I just bring a hat.

Three, I went there on weekend specially to go to weekend market known as Chatuchak Market. Why bring so much from home when we need the space of our suitcase for more clothes?

But I pack one decent top anyway, bought it when Zara on big sale. And I wore it while visiting Madame Tussaud museum. Though, when standing near the statue of late Lady Diana I felt sooo out of place… (Translation: so short)



I took a-not-so-me-pose then to cover my embarassment. But anyway, my advice is if you are too lazy to bring all the necessary outfits to get a good photo then one is enough. Remember, bring all your dress for good photos will be pointless if nobody is going to take your photo.




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