Flat Shoes Addict


I know that no pain then is no gain but when it comes to shoes, I prefer no pain then gain comfort for the sake of my feet.

All my life I only have a pair of high heels, and for only limited occasions. Most of the time, I wore my high heels when attending mass at the church. I don’t have to walk around too much. All I need to do is just stand up then sit for an hour or two. Then walking out from the church, get a taxi or another public transportation and that’s it. I hate it when I have to wear to go wedding party. Especially standing party that are more common here in Indonesia.  I didn’t buy another high heels shoes before I really need one. Usually, I will end up look for a pair of high heels in panic. Because the one that I have is well…worn out… And a wedding party is near the corner but have no decent high heels… This cycle goes on over and over again.


I always prefer sneakers but can’t wear those in the office and I have to put up with loafer or dockside. But that was totally fine rather than shoes with 5 cm heels. I can’t stand it using shoes with heels for standing more than an hour on a crowded bus. Flat shoes always and will be my first preference.


I can wear flat shoes to almost anywhere as long as not is a formal ceremony or a party with certain dress code. I can wear them to the office, to the mall, walking tour for 2 hours with no pain and have all the fun.

Of course I have to be a bit picky even for flat shoes. There are those flat shoes with thick soles but others are not and really just for fancy shoes. So, pick wisely depends on the situation and location.


What’s your favorit shoes for all times? Check the dictionary here from Sexy Bexy. And I also share with you information all pain that any kind of shoes can give.


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