Crowded Buses


I posted earlier about what not to wear on Commuter Line, one of mass public transportation here in Jakarta. I am not a frequent user of KRL but more on buses, and in Jakarta I am a daily user of busway or also know as Trans Jakarta.

But either with regular buses or busway, during peak hour then all public transportation are full with people.  You can’t even find a decent spot just to stand on your two feet. Don’t even think to get a seat that would allow you to read or just snore all the way.


Younger generation


During my younger days, naturally I dressed up a bit to work. You know with formal jacket and all not because I wanted to but have to. I have uniforms from the office to wear during those younger days. Including mandatory black loafers. Which was okay at first as the heels not too high for me.

But as times goes by, it starting to hurt to standing all the way home during traffic jam. Standing for 2 hours. Sometimes if I was having bad luck even 3 hours. That was when I started to noticed that women workers wearing flat shoes, sneakers even sandals on the bus. It turn out, they keep the high heels shoes in the office. And once they arrive in the office, they wear the high heels and keep the flat shoes. And since that moment, I decided to do the same thing and not bad for my feet.


I am one of those people who unable to run if not wearing sneakers or flat shoes. And boy I do need to run to chase the buses, hopefully be able to arrive home soon. I am more than happy to get my flat shoes wet during the rain. In short, I only want to wear high heels on several occassion. And going to the office is not one of them. Thankfully, I work as a back office clerk so there is no need for me to meet with other people.

I kinda smile, looking at those young women with their heels and yes they are wearing pretty outfit for work. They should enjoy it while they can, I think. Because after that, if they are still using buses or commuter line like me at the age of 40….well, good luck with those high heels though…



2 thoughts on “Crowded Buses

  1. winnymarlina July 22, 2016 / 9:34 am

    aku paling gk tahan kak kalau naik kendaraan umum pagi


    • riatumimomor August 18, 2016 / 8:46 am

      mau pagi atau sore kalau weekdays mah sama aja penderitaannya


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