Need #YouCamPerfect

It seems I can’t take photo without using #filter #youcamperfect here at Starbucks – Metropole old theater but now fully renovated.

Just read this funny article about what women over 35 should stop be doing. And that including taking selfie. HAHAHAHA…

My goodness…

Internet and camera phone were only around for…sorry…how long was that? Few years? So, because you are so complicated and new, we the older generation should not be using it for fun?



I like taking photos of myself and with my family and friends for the fun of it. At this age, I think I should do more selfies. Not with the duck face and other supposedly making funny face but it turn out no so funny at all.  And I totally understand that when you are older, you are suppose to be giving example for the younger generation. Is not really funny when a bunch of teenagers sniggering at me, take a selfie inside a public restroom. Snapping for thousand of times, posing like crazy and drive other people insane just by watching. I totally get why we, the thirty something, forty something, fifty something not allowed to do that.



I like taking selfie when having a totally good time with family and friends. And I would like to have memories on that day.

Sure, I admit that IT IS VERY RARELY of me taking picture without any beauty application. Especially for close up photo, unless I need it for something official. Most of the time I use YouCamPerfect. Because is not really changing my real face. Just making my face look smoother than the reality *big grin*. And of course this application provide make up tools to make it look even perfect, but I hardly use it. All my friend know that I am not really into make up so I avoid getting text from them saying.”You look nice… Using YouCamPerfect?”

So, I think I will keep on taking selfie and just enjoying it… If other people think my face will break the camera or give them headache then they just have to look the other way 🙂

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