Fashionable Traveler (NOT)

europe trip 2011 4th part 519

I hardly ever travel aboard since, well very expensive for me.  Plus, I am not much of a saver to travel. So when I finally got a chance to travel to several countries in Europe I was happy and confuse. Because I have so many tips that against one another regarding how many clothes I should bring and so on. I was between want to listen and follow the advice from my friend who is a frequent traveler. I mean, this would be my first time to visit countries during spring. I live in Jakarta – Indonesia all my life and only know that the weather is either hot or cool due to heavy rain. I made a list of all clothes that I would bring. Yes, yes, I am that kind of travel who busy taking photos and forget to enjoy the real moment.

In the end, I followed my friend’s advice to bring small suitcase. Don’t care how the arrangement would be but all those important, slightly important and not so important have to fit in that suitcase. Fine. That was the moment I decided that I should just bring black and white shirt, pants and jeans. I also brought 2 or 3 other shirts with not so shocking color. At that time, I didn’t want to spend too much time to dress up. In short, I want to look good at my photos but with minimum efforts.

europe trip 2011 4th part 1343

Later I read from my friend post on Facebook that new generation has new rules to look gorgeous while traveling… Which you totally may ignore these rules if you are the real traveler’s type. Enjoy the moment without the hassle of selfie and took photos on every corners that you passed by.

The rules for selfie-crazy like me are (as quoted from my friend):

 1. Wardrobe

It turn out, many younger generation decided to do some quality reading about the destination. How’s the weather there? Do we need to bring scarf? Or is it hot? Will skirt do just fine? Should I wear boots? Sandals? How about that hat? Should I bring it? So, they won’t be bringing too many stuffs that can only give them heavy suitcase. But they have decided from the beginning, which dress that will help them look amazing with that beautiful sceneries behind them.


2. Make up

When I said make up, doesn’t mean that heavy make up like you are going out on a pub or something. But you know, THE heavy make up that give you the natural look. As if you have that gorgeous look effortlessly.  Or that daring red lipstick, that goes well with your outfit and of course your surrounding. Pay attention to details, all 🙂


3. The right proportion

Means usually people focus on themselves rather than surrounding. You may do so, but prepare other photos that focus on the sceneries as well. You may show your hand, or you were standing with your back to the camera. If you think your dress not giving you the effect that you want,  you may stand away further from the camera. Just a proof that hey, I was there…


4. Take as many poses as you can

Worried you may run out storage? Take many photos, then make a quick decision which one is good enough (okay, several photos are fine).  So, I ask your friend to take photos of you for 5 minutes non-stop. Do the same for your friend, then you all should decided which picture to keep.


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