What (NOT) To Wear on KRL

With my nieces 🙂 Aren’t they gorgeous?

In Jakarta – Indonesia, city train usually called KRL or Commuter Line is one of favorite public transportation because its cheap fare. I should say, the cheapest and the fastest… if there isn’t any trouble along the way. Like flood or mechanism misfunction but this is rarely happen recently.

However, KRL still public transportation which means a lot of people using it. And we can’t control what others do on public transportation. Sometimes we met angelic people but most of the times NOT…

This only happens for a short while

I once noticed that people will eat snack anyway though it is forbidden to eat and drink during your trip on KRL. This is of course is an exception during the holy month of Ramadhan. As people need to breakfasting when the time comes. But on any other day, we were expected to follow the rule of not eating on KRL including busway as well.



What happen when people do eat their snacks, as you know Indonesian loves eating snack anywhere and anytime? Yes, KRL employs many people to keep the area clean. But they can’t do that while there are so many passengers inside. You know the crumbs probably scattered on the seat and floor… If I wear short pants or short skirt, my thighs will get itchy immediately.  Also, no guarantee one of the children (babies) passengers didn’t piss on the seat. Never happened or never seen any, hopefully not. But once I saw a mother just let her children pissed on the KRL’s floor… When you have to piss then you just piss…  So, yeah is not a very clean place but as long as you are careful then you may try to use KRL. For some of us, the choice is either that or taking taxi and pay a lot of money. No can do…

I also avoid wearing shoes with heels on public transportation because is making me uncomfortable. Sometimes, things doesn’t go like our plan and most of the time things goes wrong… You get stuck in the traffic, you have to wait for hours before trying to snuck in amongst so many passengers. And until you finally arrive at your destination, you have to spend at least an hour or probably more by standing on your feet. With the heels. No thanks for me. I would rather wear my sneaker or loafers to ease the pain of standing too long.

Well, this is my report from Eid Fitr holiday ^_^


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