Friday Outfit


Happy long weekend all 😉

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Yeap, that’s me with my black too casual shirt for last dayin the office before long weekend. Indonesia is getting ready for celebration of Idul Fitri after fasting the whole month during Ramadhan. The result, all working activities will be put on hold until 11th of July 2016. So, I am not celebrating Ramadhan but I embrace the whole 1 weekend holiday…at home… Mind you, there are so many things to be done at home… Sighed…

Taking public transportation with so many people on it, is the main reason I avoid to wear skirt. Well, to be honest I am a bit lazy wearing skirt and prefer pants.


It happens, I always works as a back office staff so I never have to meet with customer. And they won’t raise their eyebrows whenever they see my too-casual-to-the-office-outfit. But I am a lazy woman to be honest, when it comes on dressing up to work. I want something that simple and not making my move limited. Wearing skirt makes me feel I need to be careful when I walk.

Plus, no high heels whatsoever during working days. I tried to wear shoes with 5 cm heels or at the least 3 cm heels to the office. It didn’t work…

My usual Friday outfit

But anyway, welcome holiday and bye traffic jam and crowded passengers on the bus… Until next time all 🙂



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