Skinny Jeans


I used to wear legging only because my dress is too short and making me uncomfotable with it. Wearing jegging is not an option for me because various reasons other than I have no confidence with it.

First, wearing skinny jeans and jegging seems complicated. That is me judging; when I saw people struggling to wear the skinny jeans by themselves. You can’t just wear it while you are still standing but you need to roll on the floor, mattress or whatever… Especially just to get all part of your leg to pass those skinny thing… And when you finally able to wear it, you probably die of exhaustion first… Kidding

Second, it is said that skinny jeans not good for your health. I read it here. Skinny jeans is so tight so it will prevent air circulation and the consequences can be read there as well.  Like we used to say too that we need to suffer to look gorgeous or just following the trend. Yikes…

But eventually, I am into jegging and skinny jeans as well following the trend. Probably because wearing them makes me feel slimmer. Though I usually not wear them when dining out with family and friends. I need my belly to be let loose to receive more food. Kidding.


Is there any limitation wearing jegging and skinny jeans for certain age? I certainly hope not, just as long the outfit we wear not straining our movement. IMHO, jegging like any other jeans is suitable for semi formal event and especially for just hang out with friends. You can combine jegging start with batik top, shirt or vest.

Skinny jeans still feel heavier rather than legging, which is why with legging I can wear while I am sleeping, eating like pig ( I mean like…a lot) and going out with friends. Sooo, I should choose wisely for my own comfort and not just for the trend.



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