My Poor Sneaker Wedges


I once wrote on my other blog about sneaker wedges since I have my doubts about wearing them. I loves that shoes but not really sure if 40-ish woman may get away with it. It will certainly look cute on teenagers and look cool on twenty something. I even try to find any information about any 40-ish woman who wore a pair of sneaker wedges and just okay with it…

But then as I quoted from FabulousAfter40 , great style is about attitude and confidence.  So to follow the trend and my impulsive heart I ordered the shoes online. Well, the replica of one these pairs online as the real shoes will cost a lot. Not to mention there weren’t so many of them on regular stores.

I remembered waiting anxiously for the shoes only get dissapointment because at first the online shop sent the incorrect color. You see, the store belongs to someone who makes customized shoes. I have ordered for a few times and always gets shoes with good quality. When I asked them could I ordered these kind of shoes, they confirmed they would make one pair for me. If you see the above photo,
I choose the one with code: Dana-09 but it turn out they made Dana-01.


Having remembered about it, I regretted my decision to return the shoes and ask them to make exactly like my order. When they finally send the shoes, I even got more dissapointed. The shoes were sort of a mess, not as neat as the previous one – with the incorrect color. I complained about this to the owner and though she apologized, the damage already done. I delete the online shop from my recommended shoes maker details. I never order any new shoes from them again.



But since I was almost dying to wear the shoes I finally just wore the sneaker wedges for a few times. Before finally the shoes tore apart by something, I have no idea. And it still kept neatly in the box, I never look at it anymore.

But anway, I wore them a few times while hanging out with my friend. I always combined the dress or my top with black legging, just to hide my thigh and calf. Don’t know if I am going to buy another sneaker wedges in the near future.

The below photos, I was wearing the same dress but all photos taken from different angles.




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