Indonesian Traditional Clothing


Before being very popular among Indonesian, Batik as one of traditional clothes considered old fashion and too formal. Whenever there are events that using Batik as dress code, people would stressed out about it, sighed and prefer not to come (well, this is more me actually). Because buying batik clothes were expensive and you won’t be able to wear it on anywhere else.

Thankfully, it has changed even before Unesco designated Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on October 2, 2009 – quoted from WIKIPEDIA here. People started to wear Batik to go to the office, though naturally probably not the real batik’s cloth. Due to long process the real Batik’s cloth still expensive for most people here.

You may find many dress or top or trousers even skirt with batik pattern. Though I have to warn you, sometimes they are not from real batik’s fabric or other ethnic’s fabrics. Yes, we have many ethnic fabrics here from various ethnic groups in Indonesia. Often, you need to go to the source, or the location where these traditional clothing were made.

Nowadays, people can wear to any occassion and not just formal events or party. Batik or other traditional clothes no longer associate with older generation. You may wear batik dress with sandal or even boots, and nobody will complain about it.


How to buy batik dress or any other ethnic fabrics here in Jakarta or any other part of the world? Well, you can buy them online but if you are happen to be here in Jakarta then I suggest you check them by yourselves. If you are into shopping, then you probably will love the idea holding the fabric by your own hans and see the model yourself.

Because buying online can be a disaster if you choose a wrong online shop, like the below  photo. I have no idea whether my body is not match with this dress or the other way around. But wearing it, I need to wear belt just to avoid looking so relax. Sort of like dress you wear at home during a hot day and all you want to do is just sit and do nothing. While I want to wear that dress for more formal event… oh well…

Buying online and dissapointed.

But this one, I bought it online and turn out okay. It becomes my favorite top and I love wearing it with jeans or legging. Sandal or flat shoes is appropriate to go with this. But wedges will do just fine as well, IMHO.

Buying online and happy with the result

The below here, I bought it while I was traveling to Yogyakarta. The name of the shop is Batik Rumah.


Here is the location, if you travel there then try to find this batik store. But plenty batik shop there so no worries. Just bring your local friend so they will help you bargain with good price. Why I am telling you this while you can just buy it online? Buying online is fun especially if you live in faraway place and want to have at least one piece of Indonesian Traditional Clothing. But if you are already here, then there is nothing wrong to see those stores for yourself.


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