Remembering My Father


On 09th of May 2016 my father passed away. I decided to post some of his photo along when he first met my mom here. To remember him in his younger and healthier days. That seems like yesterday and now it only exist through these old photos…

The first photo above, my mom said my father was 16 years old when he joined KPM (Koninklijke Paketvaart-Maatschappij – you can read about it here). The proper age to join should be 17 years old, so he lied about his real age.

After he passed the academy, he sailed to foreign countries and other provinces in Indonesia. In North Sumatra, he met with my mom who shared same experience living in South Sulawesi. They got married in 28th of March 1962.

Here are their first pictures along with their friends, who I assumed probably already passed away now.


And this was taken when he was on assignment in Amsterdam – Netherlands, around 1970  if I was not mistaken. I loves his smile… I love him and I still miss him…



2 thoughts on “Remembering My Father

  1. jonathan milne June 10, 2016 / 1:36 pm

    lovely photos Ria! R I P Your Father xx


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