Daring Red


On my post about suitable color, I also have been asking myself about wearing something in red. Well, once asking whether is suitable or not for forty-ish something like me to wear clothes with that color.

But I kinda like wearing any clothes in red, as it feels the red color manage to get rid of the boringness of the other outfit.

Like for example, last year I won this invitation to attend the opening of French Movie Festival. The invitation stated the ceremony would be held around 6 PM. I just got back from the office with my not so glamour work outfit. So I decided to grab that red jacket of mine to help me not feeling out of place around those people at the Cinema Plaza Indonesia.


I also like to wear the red jacket during my hangout with my friends and too lazy to dress up.


Which is happens a lot, with excuses such as I have to take various public transportations or the weather is not friendly and so on. But to be honest, sometimes I just want to look comfy but not too sleazy… If you get what I mean…


What other color that you have in your mind to bright up your look? Share it with me here 🙂

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