Suitable Color

Too plain?

“Don’t give me that pink color,” my mom said to me the other day when I ask her about this sponge for bath. I bought two sponges, one is purple and the other is pink. She prefer the purple as she said she is old now so pink is too daring for her.

Is it just me being ignorant or even elderlies have to wear clothes with color that suitable for their age?

I read here in this article about 70 year something women, who wear shocking orange and responded by people who keep staring at her.

Sooo, there is even a special color for elderlies in terms of fashion? That would mean color categorization not only applying for elderlies but also for me? Considering being 40-ish now I can’t just grab any kind of dress and wear it…


Is it too colorful?


But you know, no matter how hard I try to say out loud to myself that I can wear whatever I like there is this voice in my head saying no.

“No, you can’t wear that as you look like a grown up person with a mind of a three years old… “

And in the end, I followed that small voice as I may want to attract other people to pay attention to whatever I am wearing. But naturally, in a good awesome fascinating that kind of way instead of raising eyebrows or gasped or just stare at me in disbelief. Or maybe I am not young at heart, just as simple as that.

Taken from my Instagram account


As you can see on the above photo, I wore batik scarf and just so you know, batik or any other ethnic clothing were considered old fashion. They don’t have much color variation and therefore people just consider batik or other ethnic clothing are for elderlies. But thankfully now we have many variation and creative design with ethnic fabrics. So, nowadays you may see many younger generations wearing ethnic clothes proudly.

Maybe we can wear any color that we want, but is the dress that will need attention. Be honest. Are you really comfortable wearing that skirt? Like, believe it or not, though black always a safe way to hide my jelly belly but wearing black dress or even a shirt under the heat of the sun already drive me crazy. The black dress sort of saving all the heat and then transfer it to my body. Maybe I am not going to wear something white but with other color that won’t be making me feel melted under the sun.

Not age appropriate?


Along the way I found these two interesting articles about age apropriate dressing here at Fabulous After 40 and an old article from Huffington Post.

Perhaps I can ask my mom to swap dress and go out together…




3 thoughts on “Suitable Color

  1. coretandenina August 17, 2016 / 4:51 pm

    Sekarang saya selera warnanya agak berani justru mbak. Nggak pernah sy suka pink, tapi sekarang banyak barang saya yang pink rupanya. Kuning, Orange, Merah… hahaha… minta ampun.

    Tapi, warna memang memainkan penampilan dan juga refleksi balik ke mood yang makai dan lihat. Nanti saya akan cerita tentang perubahan selera warna 40 kalau sudah waktunya ya mbak. Yang pasti, cantik saya lihat foto-fotonya mbak.

    Liked by 1 person

    • riatumimomor August 18, 2016 / 12:42 am

      sampai sekarang saya belum pernah punya yang warna kuning, karena warna itu yg paling saya gak suka banget :)))) Aku tunggu ya cerita soal perubahan selera warna pakaian dari kamu ^_^
      *makasih buat pujiannya*


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