After My Father Passing

A week after my father passing, my mom and I held this mass at home to remember that he has left us for 7 days. And that time I realize I have no simple black dress.

I do have t-shirts, long dress but suitable to attend wedding party or dinner.  Never cross my mind that I am going to need one to attend my father’s own mass. So,  in the end I remember my last shopping with my mom while my dad sipping his hot chocolate at Starbucks…, I bought this batik dress. I bought it at Grand Indonesia but you may see other creations of this batik dress at Chevia Store.

Taken from my Instagram Account


This dress is simple, not too gloomy as I am still mourning for my father and yet is also beautiful without too many patterns.

I am starting to wear it while having a weekend hang out with my mother. This batik dress is suitable for this totally hot weather in Jakarta. This dress also match with the bracelet that my friend Lia gave me for winning her giveaway last December 2015.


As for the shoes, probably black or rose gold would match the dress but since I have no mood in buying another new shoes then the 13th shoes is fine for me.

Is black the only color that identical with death?

Is it appropriate to wear other color when you mourn for someone or when go to the funeral?

Any input?


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